Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Bloom

Oh, my! Has it been gorgeous outside! It was 83 degrees yesterday, which, according to the 10 o'clock news, is more typical of late June in Kansas City than late March. I guess that makes sense since many winter days this year felt like early spring. I took a walk during lunch today and noticed everything was suddenly green and blooming. Returning to the grind is rather difficult after holding private lunchtime reveries amid the natural blessings that can indeed be found within the city.

In fact, I've been taking walks during lunch and after work, instead of working out at the gym. It seems fresher and more invigorating to stroll around the neighborhoods near work and home. And it's a good thing I've been doing that. My other excuse for staying home is that I want to put more time in on my current cut paper collage. It's getting closer to finished, although I still have hours of work ahead of me.

I need to "flesh out" my little Rainy Day Girl with arms, face and a permanent position. I can't wait to add the finishing touches! I've come up with a lot of new techniques while making this piece, and I am so excited to finish it and move on to the next project!

Speaking of spring and art projects, my ACED students made blooming button flower friendship cards in class last weekend. During the first session of ACED I helped out in the class I am teaching this session. The instructors offered a similar project, and I thought the results were so cute that I decided to introduce it to my class, too. We hot glued buttons to the cards, and then we used silk flowers and green pipe cleaners to construct the petals, leaves and stems. Actually, the student who made the card at the bottom right made a pipe cleaner eye and cut paper leaves and stem. Too cute! I was really pleased with the results, and I think the students were proud of themselves, too!

Next week, we will tackle the get well card, which makes me think of my dad's current card collection. So many get well cards cover the breakfast bar. These cards reveal a range of moods and emotions. No matter what the sentiment, people always show their love during major medical episodes! And, luckily, the goal of the cards is being met. My dad continues to recover from bypass surgery. He fatigues easily, which is normal considering what his body has been through. Yesterday was his first full day without a nap, though! Yay! A real symptom of improvement! Aside from us all adjusting to a post-bypass kind of existence, life has been steady. I've been hanging out with my girlfriends and spending a lot of time with my family. What's been going on in your world lately? 


Alison :)

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