Monday, November 26, 2012

First Snow


I couldn't resist frolicking in the snow this afternoon!

Snow salted the sky today, giving us a little taste of winter. This is the kind of snow I like - pretty and it doesn't stick! I love the cold, and I can stand just about as much as any other Viking out there. Snow, however, makes me tremble. I hate to drive and, thus, slide through snow and the ice that is sure to accompany it. Since I was enjoying an afternoon off and had nowhere to go, I was able to appreciate the innocent flakes. I took the family dogs Maddie and Simon out to play in the first snow of the season with me, and we couldn't have had more fun!

Look at this silly dog! Maddie happily chomps a frisbee as snow gathers on her snout.

Even Simon, easily chilled, enjoyed roaming around as it snowed.

Dashing through the snow!

The dogs dragged me all over the yard. I was attached to Simon's leash, you see. Maddie is a true cold weather aficionado. She will sit happily in the middle of the yard during the coldest days. It is like pulling a chew toy away from her to get her inside. Simon, who is typically a dog much more prone to shivering than is Maddie, actually enjoyed being outside this afternoon. I was surprised, since he will usually huddle on the porch at any hint of a chill. I think my excitement rubbed off on the dogs, and we tramped around and tasted snowflakes until my hands grew numb and red.

Then, we went inside and curled up in blankets and watched Netflix. It was a beautiful afternoon!

Not quite a Winter Wonderland, but pretty nonetheless!

The sky was overcast and windy, but it made for interesting photographs.

Have you seen snow yet in your locale? I'm not sure if I can really count this since no evidence is even left of the snow... And what are you watching on Netflix? I could use some good recommendations.

Alison :)

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