Saturday, March 12, 2011

Freedom Ride

This motorcycle wouldn't intimidate me! Doesn't she look sweet with her wide-brimmed hat and granny boots. Find this and other historical photos at

When surveys ask for “three words that describe you,” I always say I am “creative, compassionate and kooky.” Exchanging any one of those words for “cautious” would be just as accurate. I am cautious; I wear my seat belt, avoid confrontations, and do the right thing. Rarely will you find me speaking out of turn, driving over the speed limit, or butting in line. Sometimes, though, I have to force myself to take a risk. Yesterday offered up one of those opportunities.

I had the chance to kick caution to the curb and go on my first motorcycle ride. My boyfriend needed to get his motorcycle inspected, and he asked me to come along. With nerves aflutter and a little pants wetting, I accepted the challenge, I mean, invitation. Now, I didn’t exactly ride fear-free into the sunset (NOT EVEN CLOSE), but I did accept the idea that I can enjoy myself even while fearing the unpredictable outcome. Fear of the unknown and fun in the present can exist in the same continuum. I am sure daredevils everywhere already know that, but I am new to the game.

I know (even when I don’t accept it) that although I may FEEL like I am in complete control, I am really NOT. And that can be okay. I had a great time on my ride. I loved being so visible and feeling the wind rush by. I enjoyed the purity of driving unimpeded by an enclosure. I felt like a kid on a bicycle, riding down the big hill in my childhood neighborhood. It probably helped that we stayed within city limits and never went faster than 35 miles per hour. Even so, a lot of the time I worried I was going to have a heart attack or slide off the back of the bike and break my legs or get into a head-on collision with a box truck. But I did it anyway. Even if I did resist the turns. I like to stay upright. I mean, I can’t change myself all at once. I DO like to remain in control. Leaning into curves goes against my nature, but I am learning to bend.

Here's to many more adventures - 
Alison :)


  1. Where's the "like" button? :) LOVE the layered meaning in "Leaning into curves goes against my nature, but I am learning to bend."

  2. I'm excited about your new blog!!