Friday, April 6, 2012

100th Post!!

Pretty wildflowers in the park across the street from my office. Perfect for a great day!
Hi, all! Woo! I'm writing my 100th post today! Thank you all for reading along!! I truly appreciate you guys for taking an interest in my various outings and inner workings!  Blogging has been a tremendously satisfying creative outlet for me, and knowing you guys are here keeps me at it. Thank you!

In addition to reaching my 100th post, I have the next four days off work! As you can imagine, I'm feeling pretty good right now. I am operating in vacation mode. Let this post reflect that! My mom, sister and I are going shopping tomorrow, and I am hoping to find a fun springy dress or two. Maybe something like this -

Donna Morgan dress. I love the bold shape and its off-center placement.
or this -

Mango maxi dress. Ooh, Impressionistic Easter egg-like!

I don't know what I'll find, and that's part of my anticipation. All I know is I will be coming home with something, hopefully something I can wear on Easter Sunday.

In other style-related news, my friend Chalanna turned me on to soak-off gel nail polish when we recently treated ourselves to manicures. I have had this nail-do for a week, and my hot pink nails still look perfect and shiny. I am hard on my hands and tend to use my nails as tools, so this is pretty thrilling. In fact, tonight I did a ton of dishes.  Dish-washing normally damages my manicure, but my nails didn't suffer a bit. My hands, however, are a little dry.

Here's the major difference between a regular manicure and a manicure using soak-off gel nail lacquer: between each layer of polish, you briefly place your hand into a little dryer where ultraviolet light cures the nail polish to a hard finish. This is the creepy part of the process. That and the fact you have to soak the color off with acetone for 15 minutes or so. For special occasions or an occasional treat, though, I am in. This nail color makes me feel like a grownup and a professional. Chipping nail polish looks tacky, and gel nail lacquer makes me look a lot less lazy about my nails than I actually am! Oh, and because it looks so nice, I am not at all temped to peel it off, which I know is bad, bad, bad for one's nails. 

I like to get at least one pedicure in the spring to scrub away the winter, but I haven't had one yet this year. Maybe that will happen this weekend... Have you had your first mani-pedi of the season yet?   More importantly, do you have any hot tips on cute spring dresses? Cuz I'm on the hunt!

Alison :)


  1. Looking forward to our shopping expedition~yay for days off work! Love ya, Mom :-)

    1. It was very fun!! Thanks, Mom!! XOXOXO :)