Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Friend Conor

Goofing off in the photo booth at the recordBar.

The other day my friend Conor asked me to be a reference for a volunteer position he was applying for. I first met Conor nearly seven years ago (WOW!!) when we worked together at the Arabia Steamboat Museum in the Kansas City River Market. We originally bonded over some mutual artist friends and the band The Ssion. In fact, going to see The Ssion was our first outing together. Since then, Conor has been a constant in my life. We have even lived in the same apartment building for the past few years. In my statement, I referred to Conor as "one of the best human beings I know." This is the story I wish there had been room to include on the application:

A couple winters ago after a snowstorm had left the streets packed with snow, my car became stuck in a snowdrift on a side street in our neighborhood. I tried to wiggle my wheels, and I even put my car in neutral to try to push it into motion. The car did not budge. Nothing I tried worked, so I called Conor. I knew he had a snow shovel, and I hoped he would be home. When he answered the phone, I explained what had happened and asked if he could help me. He said yes without hesitation. A few minutes later, he appeared on foot, shovel in hand. We must have prodded, cajoled and cursed my car for 45 minutes, until my toes were popsicles and Conor sagged from the exertion of trying to free my car. While the two of us couldn't get my car to move without the added strength of some people who lived in a nearby apartment building, Conor never once acted like he had somewhere better to be that evening. Nor did he give up. That is a true friend. 

Conor is a person who would do anything for a friend, and I have called upon him on many other occasions. He has carried furniture up three flights of stairs to my apartment, has been my steady date when I haven't had another one, and he is always available for a good rant session. Thanks for taking a moment to read a little bit about what makes this hilarious, thoughtful, creative and interesting guy so special to me! And thanks, Conor, for being such a great friend!

Who are your good friends? How have they improved your life?


Alison :)

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