Monday, June 25, 2012

Why, Hello

Detail of stamping and cocktail umbrella.

Why, hello. It's been awhile. My internet has been down, but after two hours (TWO HOURS) on the phone, conversations with FIVE different AT&T U-Verse representatives, and two PREVIOUS phone calls, I'm back online. Thank goodness! It's one thing if I choose not to write for a couple of weeks, but it seems like I have tons to share when I can't easily update my blog.

To while away the time, I have been employing both used envelopes and those handy dandy reply envelopes that come with bills and credit card offers as blank canvases for revamped envelopes. I love to write letters, but I know I do not put nearly enough effort into that art. The good news - my internet break allowed for a little extra play time.

See below for a sampling of my attempt to add a little homemade happiness to my friends' days:

This friend had a bad week at work -

Front & Back, with address marked out to protect the guilty. Materials: old piece of lined paper, letter stamps/stamp pad, part of a cocktail umbrella, scrapbooking paper, pencil and glue.

Detail of doodled flowers.
 And this friend had some health concerns -

Detail of penned note and bird.

Front & Back, with space for an address insert. Materials: notebook paper, wrapping paper, ink pen, scrapbook paper, and glue.

Detail of cut paper.

While a letter can't make up for a bad work week or health problems, it can bring a moment of joy to an otherwise rotten situation. What do you do (handmade objects or otherwise) to brighten your friends' days?

Glad to back,

Alison :)

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