Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Amongst Other Things

At the Sporting KC game last Tuesday. This is the one event from the past week I actually photographed!

When I have nothing going on, I am in a real social drought. Life is dandy, but life is slow. During a week when I have even one event planned, I somehow receive more invitations than I can accept. It is as if the first event is magnetized and draws other invitations to me. Never mind the slow times before and after. When it rains it pours. Like begets like. And so on. Last week was one of those periods where my social calendar was filled to the brim - happily so. I attended (in this order) a soccer game, a birthday party, a film screening and after party, and a wedding. 

In no particular order, I spent the last week doing the following:

1. Celebrating my mom's birthday.
2. Catching up with a high school friend I haven't seen in forever and ran into unexpectedly.
3. Relishing wedding cake.
4. Drinking lemonade.
5. Watching the first public screening of the movie Dust, written and directed by Adam Dugas and Casey Spooner and featuring Kansas City artists Cody Critcheloe, Jaimie Warren and Peggy Noland (opinion forthcoming).
6. Dancing like a crazy woman.
7. Singing along to songs from my youth with a nostalgia that made it seem like I actually liked the songs when they originally hit the airwaves.
8. Cheering on the home team, even though I don't really follow sports (photos forthcoming). 
9. Crying through a sweet wedding.
10. Enjoying my mom's birthday dinner and her (I mean my Grandpa's) pancakes.
11. Chatting around a fire.
12. Shucking corn. 
13. Hanging out with an awesome child.
14. Hanging out with an awesome child's lovely parents, who are dear friends.
15. Dancing my phone out of my pocket.
16. Unfortunately missing an invitation to see a funny movie and a good friend.
17. Working on finishing up the tv series Lie to Me.
18. Reading a whole, a half, and a part of a book.
19. Getting lost on Pinterest.
20. Discovering new-to-me blogs (links forthcoming).
21. Nibbling on cream cheese mints.
22. Meditating on the good things in life.
23. Slipping stealthy looks at a guy that went unnoticed (it's the thing to do at weddings).
24. Chomping pizza gratefully at an after-party. 
25. Telling new acquaintances that roly-polies (not to be confused with pill millipedes) are crustaceans.
26. Not understanding men.
27. Talking on the phone.
28. Perusing facebook to see if anyone "liked" my new profile pic.
29. Mailing letters.
30. Making things.
31. Learning new things at work.
32. Driving a lot.
33. Recuperating from dancing two nights in a row.
34. Feeling pretty and feeling ugly.
35. Hanging with my cousins.
36. Drinking more than normal.
37. Extolling the virtues of Jane Eyre.
38. Ruining my manicure.
39. Commiserating over the phone.
40. Sleeping in.
41. Having a day off. 
42. Dressing up.
43. Pretending I was a sports photographer (thank goodness for zoom).
44. Missing a craft night and an activities night with people I would like to know better.
45. Spending time with my sister.
46. Giving an awkward introduction to some friends without intending to.

All these little moments made made the big events I attended, and the hours in between them, memorable. 

What big and little things have you been up to over the past week or so?

Alison :)

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