Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Farewell Gift

Jennifer with the going away present I made for her - pen & marker drawing on paper.

A closeup of the drawing I made for Jennifer. The bluish-green is actually turquoise in the real world.

My co-worker Jennifer is moving, and she worked her last day on Thursday. We often collaborated on data entry projects. Jennifer's educational background is in Informational Management, and mine is in Fiber Art. Needless to say, we both actually enjoy highly detailed, repetitive tasks. I wanted to give her a parting gift that reflected the joy and imperfect rhythm of repeating day after day. Not only does the drawing I made for Jennifer sum up our relationship, it also incorporates the elements I enjoy including in my art no matter what material I use - I typically employ similar (but not quite the same) elements over and over again, and I often obey a larger pattern (rule/set of rules) that lends an air of unpredictability to the finished piece.

What do you leave to chance when you are making art? Have you done any drawing this summer? I keep thinking I'm going to take my sketchbook to the art museum, but, while I've been there several times this summer, I haven't yet made it over there with paper and pencil in hand.

Alison :)

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