Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blowing Bubbles

Some of the bubble prints my bff and I made last weekend.

Oh, what's that you say? You have no idea how you're going to spend the afternoon? Might I make a suggestion? Grab a buddy and the instructions for a creative technique you've never explored, and get to it. That's what I did when Lara and I met at her place last weekend to make bubble prints. Neither of us had ever tried out the technique before, but Lara was interested in using it to make wall decor for her living room. 

A pile o' prints.

Lara met me well-prepared. She had covered her kitchen table with a drop cloth and provided dish soap, tempera paint, aluminum pans, straws (for blowing bubbles!), heavy paper and plastic cups. While we referred to instructions we found on the internet (this is an easy technique to find - just do a quick search), we actually ended up mixing together approximately a 1:1 ratio of paint and liquid soap and just enough water to blow bubbles. All you do is pour your mixture in a pan or a cup, take a straw, and blow. After you get a good heap of bubbles, gently lower your paper onto the bubbles. The bubbles will pop and leave their impression on your paper. Lara and I ended up blowing bubbles in plastic cups, rather than pans. That ended up working better for us, although it did take longer.  

Some of Lara's inkblot paintings. The print in the center reminds me of a Green Man.
This was my favorite inkblot print of the day. It reminded me of a Corinthian column.

I found the the process to be relaxing and fun. Blowing bubbles and summer just go together! I became a little lost in the process - blow, press, slide, blow, press, slide. After completing many bubble prints, Lara began making inkblot images. I tried some, too. Lara had a lot of success with her inkblots and even decided to frame them, instead of the bubbles prints. I am not sure what I will do with my bubble and inkblot prints. I think they would make a good base for drawings or good raw materials for cut paper projects. 
What new art/craft techniques have you learned with a friend recently?

Alison :)

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