Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Load Off My Shoulders (Cart?)

I'm going to feel so much better once I admit this: I shop for groceries like a mother of three. Now, this could be because I actually am the daughter of a mother of three, and she was my primary grocery shopping role model when I was growing up. Then again, it could be because I have poor meal planning skills. Either way, could you guys help a girl out!? What can I do to keep from going to the store far too rarely, buying far too much food at once, and then wiping out all my fresh food only to subsist on cereal and granola bars for the weeks - yes, weeks - in between my grocery store runs, er, staggerings (under a million pounds to my car and then up three flights of stairs)??

With sincerest thanks,

Alison :)


  1. I shop with a hand basket and 1 reusable grocery bag. I limit myself to what I can fill in that bag, which will hold all of the hand basket (about 2.5 plastic bags worth). This does not include carry items such as vinegar, tortilla chips or bread.

    1. You know, after I posted this, I was thinking about how I have the most success with not going super crazy at the store when I WALK there. When I walk I am much more conscious of how heavy everything is going to be on the way home. Maybe I ought to always use that tactic (the hand basket certainly helps), whether I am driving or walking.