Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Eggs, Round 1??

Easter eggs in a bowl on the stove.
 Getting together with my girlfriends to work on crafty projects is one of my favorite activities of all time. Tonight, my friend Kate and I decorated Easter eggs. We chose to boil our eggs, rather than blow them out. For the base color of the eggs, we used Wilton food coloring, warm water and vinegar. Because a couple of the dyes did not dissolve as completely as they should have, some of the eggs wound up with mottled finishes. This added an unexpected realism to our brightly colored eggs (think robin eggs). After dyeing the eggs, I rolled some of them in a medium-sized silver glitter to add some bling. Dyed eggs would look absolutely stunning if rolled in fine glitter. I also thought it might be fun to paint on some of the eggs with kids’ watercolors. I did it. It WAS fun. Some of the motifs I used were stripes, flowers and lips. I think I could get really lost in painting an egg, if I let myself. I kind of hurried through the watercolor painting tonight, though, because Kate had prepared korma chicken for dinner. It smelled so good it distracted me, and that shows in my final product. But YUM, no regrets. The meal was delish!  

I feel really inspired to paint more eggs. Good thing there’s a little time left before Easter gets here, so I’ll have a chance to make some more. But what am I gonna do with all those eggs when they’re finished!?

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