Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shaping Up

It’s been a cool spring so far in Missouri, but that’s not keeping the idea of summer from nipping at my heels. I am feeling really motivated to cut out the bad and replace it with everything good. Good exercise moves, good moods, and good foods. What are you doing to get into tip-top shape for swimsuit season? I am pretty sure I’m going to reach my peak long after summer ends, but if I get to a place where I feel comfortable wearing tank tops in public by the end of summer, that will be a good start!

I have several health goals: 1) Cut down (WAY down) on sugar, my favorite drug. I will eat fruit, but I am going to hide the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs underneath the frozen veggies in my freezer (or remove them from my apartment entirely, if need be!) ; 2) Add a tough daily exercise routine to the yoga and walking I do regularly; 3) Get outside and play more; 4) Lift weights and do weight-bearing exercises to tone my bod; 5) Spruce up my values a bit, so I emphasize doing and being rather than lazing and eating.

I know I don’t always do what I should in order to be at my own personal physical best. I have reached health goals in the past, but, as many of you probably know, they are difficult to maintain.  And it’s easy to grow complacent. My most recent pitfall was a nearly daily trip to the gas station for PopTarts and Pop. Once I gave up those “treats,” I lost fifteen pounds just in time to be a bridesmaid in my friend Brooke’s wedding last summer. I’ve held pretty steady since then, but I know tweaking a few more nasty habits will lead to an even better body and more energy. At the same time, I want to remember to feel good about myself wherever I am on this journey. Bad days are bound to happen (um, yeah, Easter candy, you haven’t helped!). The trick is to like yourself anyway and to keep on keeping on.  

Today, I did this workout I found on YouTube:

I am not sure if it is the best home workout, but it is definitely good! It gives a whole body workout, and there are many areas where I have (a lot of) room to improve: strength, balance, form, and stamina, for starters. DeStorm, a musician, entertainer and former trainer, has several other exercise videos I am excited to try out. I have several workout videos on DVD, but it’s nice to mix things up for FREE. Know of any other good workouts on YouTube? I would love to hear about them!

As my mom says, we all know what to do to lose weight and be in good shape. We just don’t always do it. She also repeats these five words of wisdom a lot: “Move more and eat less.” That’s the way you get to your happy weight. I am not sure where she first heard that line. Probably on Oprah.

Good luck in reaching YOUR health goals this season,

Alison :)

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