Friday, April 15, 2011

Painting it White with Quixotic

I am falling behind, and I’ve barely started my blog. I have (at least) three posts to make, but I will start with the most recent activity of note and work backward. My newest spring goal? Post regularly!

Erica airbrushes Angelina's hair. The trick is to coat hair with hairspray first!
I just love how well the bow-like up-do goes with the origami hair ornament.

Last night, I helped my friend Erica paint dancers from my favorite Kansas City-based music and dance ensemble, Quixotic. Quixotic puts on wonderful multimedia performances that employ a blend of music, dance, aerial work, video, creative lighting, costuming, makeup, projections, etc.

I have helped out with Quixotic-related projects on several occasions. I always have a great time, mostly due to Erica’s good company. Usually, I work on small, yet time consuming, sewing projects for Erica. Erica is the very talented Costume Designer for Quixotic. This time, it was really fun to get a behind-the-scenes peek at Quixotic’s latest video shoot, while assisting Erica as she styled and airbrushed the dancers. My job? Paint white lines on the dancers’ bodies and give white paint touch-ups. The most common reason the dancers needed touch-ups? Eating chips. Yeah, those girls are in great shape from dancing all day, but sometimes they actually eat like the rest of us. Yay! 

 The dancers wore white bikini-like costumes designed and created by Erica. They danced in front of a green screen, improvising dance moves based on loose instructions. The poise and control the dancers had over their bodies impressed me. At one point, three dancers were asked to hold rather lopsided positions, while a fourth danced around their rigid forms. They were like statues! I don’t know how they stood (posed?) so still in such uncomfortable-looking positions! Truly amazing! I don’t want to give away any details, but the videos will be modified and used in upcoming projections during live performances. 
After working hard to ensure a good shoot, Erica and I topped off the night with a glass of white wine and three Dove dark chocolate eggs apiece. Mmm, perfection.


  1. VERRYYYY COOOL!!! I'd be really interested in seeing one of their performances sometime!

  2. They are marvelous! I would love to see one with you sometime!