Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Not Summer

Watching the Royals play. Don't you just love the kid in the background?

Me with winged hair and vintage tee. Kate with hat and special edition tee.

...Until you’ve counted fireflies and attended a baseball game. I got my firefly fix much earlier in the summer, but my friend Kate took me to my first ballgame of the season on a recent balmy Friday Night. The Kansas City Royals played The Detroit Tigers, and, for me, it was a win-win combination. I am a Kansas Citian, but I went to grad school in Detroit. Thus, both Cowtown and The Motor City feel like home to me. I was going to be okay no matter which team won.

The Tigers took an early lead, but the Royals caught up in time for a 10th inning. Rookie Johnny Giavotella spiced up the game when he made his first Major League hit and then later stole third. Despite the excitement late in the game, the Tigers finally bested the Royals 4-3.

My favorite moments of the evening included sharing girl talk and inside jokes (outside) with Kate, people-watching, eavesdropping on nearby conversations, checking out the players’ booties, and, yeah, watching some baseball!

What is your favorite baseball team? What activities make your summer?

Alison :)


  1. For my favorite team I say the Texas Rangers!

    As for summer, for me it's not complete until I see fireworks on 4th of July, go swimming on a VERY hot day, and have a snow cone from the snow cone shack in Rockwall. But today's my last day of summer! : (

  2. Oh, Laurence, you're so sweet. :)

    Snow cones! That's a seasonal treat I don't often treat myself to. Swimming, however, is a must. My leisurely spring and summer are over, too. Let me just say, it feels kind of nice to dread the end of the weekend. :)