Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Suzie's Cafe, a Small Town Delight

The exceptional Suzie's, Platte City's new restaurant/coffee shop.

I know Platte City, MO, is not a destination spot for most of you, but it’s my hometown. My parents live there, and I spend a pretty significant amount of time with them. If you should happen to be traveling on I-29, just north of Kansas City International Airport, anytime between breakfast and lunch, I suggest you make a leisurely pit stop in this small town. When you head off the highway, bypass the McDonald’s, the QuickTrip and the Sonic. Instead, head for Suzie’s Cafe.

My mom and sister treated me to a lunch at Platte City’s new restaurant/coffee shop on Saturday to celebrate my new job. The space was clean and airy, but the best part was the food. Everything is made fresh daily. We all ordered egg salad salad, which was prepared only after we paid for our meal. The accompanying fruit and vegetables were sliced while we waited. The dessert bread we enjoyed is baked fresh each morning. The results of that personalized labor were fresh, delicious and well-presented. Not only that, but Suzie’s tends to use local ingredients, such as coffee from The Roasterie and natural, no additive meats from a nearby supplier.

I don’t know exactly what was in the egg salad, but it had a rich smoky flavor. Is it possible to be an egg salad addict, because after trying theirs I think I am!? An acquaintance who happened to be in the restaurant at the same time vouched for their barbecue, as well. I love to try out little unassuming restaurants, and I am so glad we went to Suzie’s. The food and service were perfect! I will definitely be back for more!  

Check out Suzie’s Cafe at www.suziescafeplattecity.com, or find them on Facebook. They also cater events. Their address is 1302 Platte Falls Rd., Suite A, Platte City, MO 64079. Reach them by phone at 816-858-6050.

What are your favorite small town surprises and delights? Are there any small town restaurants packing a culinary punch I should know about?

Alison :)

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