Saturday, January 7, 2012

Post-Christmas Miracle

Ms. April Mai created the sparkly yellow bauble, and I have had this little girlie since childhood.

I may be overstating the facts when I say I have experienced a post-Christmas MIRACLE. However, I am pretty darn excited. My internet has been on the blink since September (dating to about the time of my last blog entry). It just stopped working, out of nowhere, without apparent cause. I know some people cannot live without the internet at home, and, I will admit, it was an adjustment. Despite that, I did not call my internet provider right away, because I, being the obsessive sort of gal I am, had been paying a little too much attention to my ex-boyfriend via the internet. I figured a little space from cyberspace would really help with the healing process. And it has. It broke my bad habits, and I am in a far different place than I was in September.

Re-focusing on myself and taking a break from the internet has done me good, but a new year means it is time to move on. I made it a New Year's resolution to get re-connected to the web and start blogging again (okay, and play on Pinterest, too). Yesterday evening, I noticed I was connected without having to actually go through the rigmarole of contacting the internet provider, describing the problem over the phone, setting up an appointment, meeting with a technician, getting new parts, etc. Yes, I am glad all those people are there to help when needed, but having the internet just pop back on really expedites the process. Anyone who knows me, knows I have been dragging my feet on this.

Now, I have so many blogs to catch up on, and so many things I would like to share, too! Dear friends, I hope you will all forgive my absence and, please, come back for more!!

Love and hugs,

Alison :)

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