Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quote of the Moment, No. 5 - A Quick Note about Friends

I have been sick with a hellacious phlegmy cough, snotty sneeze and hoarse throat, with a fever thrown in just for fun, this weekend. It's been enough to send me crawling under the covers for escape at every possible moment. In a state of wooziness, I pulled off my jeans after I arrived home from the first day of A.C.E.D. classes (which were awesome, despite my pitiful state), leaving them and the cellphone I had tucked into my front pocket in a jumble on my bedroom floor. I quickly pulled on pajamas and spent the afternoon in a deep sleep. When I awoke several hours later, I could not find my phone. I searched for it in all the places I typically leave it. I checked once, and I checked again. No luck. I needed to leave, so I could get to my parents' house. No one can make you feel better like your mom can, but I did not want to leave my place without my phone. I requested help from a couple of friends on facebook - I said, "I can't find my phone. Please call me until I call you back." At least I hope I said please. They both called me immediately, and I found my phone in my jeans pocket shortly thereafter. Thank goodness for friends who will stop in the middle of whatever they are doing and call you when you need them to, even if you don't even plan on asking them how their day has been going. That's how friendship is - you give some and you take some and, with good friends, everything evens out in the end.

What have you done to help a friend out lately? What have your friends done for you?

Alison :)

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