Monday, January 16, 2012

We Shall Overcome

Instead of giving us the day off, my workplace celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with speakers, a  gospel singer, a video about Dr. King's life and his role in the Civil Rights Movement, a sing-a-long to Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday,” party balloons, punch, and, not one, but two, icing-loaded cakes. The event was a great reminder of what this day is all about.

In this country where education is under siege, where people feel they owe nothing to the people who have less than they do, where the thickness of one’s pocketbook gains one access to the political machine, where people think their vote does not count, where women are still paid less than men to perform the same tasks, where LGBT folks cannot marry in every state, where you can still hear the call to "just nuke 'em," where politicians call each other names and label one another, and, yes, where the color of one’s skin, or the land of one’s birth, still leads to distrust, bigotry and violence, we should remember Dr. King’s words and work to better people’s lives.  I am not saying things have not improved vastly. I am saying there is still work to be done, and I admire Dr. King for believing in the United States of America and the ability of its people to fulfill the potential of its professed creed.

I won’t dare speak for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as he does it far better than I ever could:

What bravery it takes to speak out for people, for yourself! Let us all be a little more brave in standing up for ourselves, our beliefs, and our brothers and sisters.

What have you done to further the rights of others? I would love to be inspired by you!

Alison :)


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