Monday, May 28, 2012

Just a Little Hello!!

Made by me - more soon!
 Just a little hello - I hope you have been enjoying Memorial Day weekend as much as I have. I have spent my time doing the following:

- Getting pedicures with my mom and sister. I always feel a little more prepared for summer after a pedi.

My toenails are hotter pink than this photo suggests.
- Helping prepare and eat a relaxed outdoor feast with my family, which included sweet corn (on-the-cob), baked beans, macaroni and cheese, raw vegetables, and grilled steak and hot dogs (I know, it's a classy combination!).

Dad shucking the corn - and me looking on!
Dinner included a conversation of the freedoms we are most grateful for. We agreed the First Amendment included some of our favorite rights and that they even helped procure other rights and freedoms. We appreciate all the people who have given of themselves through words and actions in the course of our country's history.

Sweet corn - a family favorite!
 - Roasting marshmallows while telling stories around my mom's new fire pit. Heck, yes, those marshmallows became s'mores!

Roasting marshmallows around my mom's new fire pit!

Here's hoping you spent your Memorial Day in relaxation with people you love! I would love to hear about any special Memorial Day traditions you have or any exciting times you had over the weekend.

Alison :)

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