Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Mom is So Talented

Wrapping paper flower made by my very own and highly talented mom.

My mom was recently inspired by all the pretty eye candy on Pinterest - because, really, who isn't these days? She concocted a darling paper flower to add a little flourish to one of my sister's birthday presents. Isn't it just dandy? If I were the proud owner of said flower, I would hang it on my wall, or possibly set it in a coordinating dish. Some ephemera is just too cute to trash. That, of course, explains the state of my apartment... Hmm.

Check out some of my mom's pins via my Pinterest profile, on the board entitled "mom." Is your mom on Pinterest? Are you? I am an addict and a half, and my mom and sister are big fans, too.

Find my mom and me. We'd love to see your pins and share ours with you.That's it for tonight. I've gotta get back to pinning.

Alison :)

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  1. Okay, so I know where you get it from! :)