Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Old As Mold

My mom said my grandma always labeled birthday cakes with candy letters. That's why my mom included them on my uncle's 50th birthday cake - to remind him of his now officially ended youth.

Can you believe 1962 was 50 years ago? Yeah, neither can my Uncle Bob. We celebrated his 50th birthday with a chocolate cake blanketed by a nice white, fluffy marshmallowy icing, courtesy of Ms. Stewart. My grandma used to make a similar icing, but my mom, who can whip up just about anything else, has never been able to make a good batch. This similar recipe saved the day. It turned out perfectly, and, while not exactly like grandma's, it tasted delicious! Uncle Bob was pleased.

Have you discovered any recipes that are similar to old family favorites?

Alison :)

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