Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blogs I Stalk, No. 2 - Jamie Etc.

What is it with me and teenage girls (remember this post?)? If I were a guy, I might be considered a lecher. But how could I not adore Jamie's spirit, exuberance and style! This Brit chick blogs over at the lovely Jamie Etc. To be honest, I read all Jamie's posts back to day 1 when I discovered her blog. It's fun to peer back in time into a 13-year-old's mind (the inverse of my age!), and I really appreciate the combination of depth and fun, insight and innocence, Jamie includes in her posts. We are all of us complex creatures in a big, big world. Whether she were 13 or 33, I think I'd love Jamie's blog.

Jamie Etc. glances upon a variety of topics, from hair tutorials to blog organization ideas. Jamie has created an especially fine blog feature called Monday's Notebook, where she writes her blog posts out in longhand. That's an inspiring feature! Maybe you'd like to play along? At the very least, go check out Jamie Etc., and let me know what you think!


Alison :)

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