Monday, May 14, 2012

Out of This World

Smirnoff advertisement from the July 1967 issue of McCall's.

Recently, I have been both browsing images and scrutinizing articles from several old magazines I have in my collection. This Smirnoff advertisement from the July 1967 issue of McCall's Magazine stopped me in my tracks as I scanned ad after image after headline. This  ad nearly sings at fever pitch with the drunken optimism of the Space Age. Looking back  from here and now, I know only two years later man would be walking on the moon in real time. This happy couple and their third wheel, the astronaut, were still looking forward to that event. I wonder what lasting cultural phenomena/impressions people will see in/derive from our ads when they look back in time from forty-five years hence.

What cultural attitudes and artifacts do you think will epitomize our era?

Alison :)

P.S. I am wild about the bold floral print on her dress (and coordinating shoes!) and his swanky suit. And who doesn't love a spacesuit?

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