Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photo Booth to the Rescue

Maybe you stood too long in front of the mirror while brushing your teeth. Or perhaps you hit snooze three more times than you should have. Could be you had a hard time getting your best friend off the phone. Whatever the case, you have probably encountered days when you dropped a component from your normal morning routine or risked being late for work. I know I have. Putting on jewelry and makeup tend to be the easiest steps for me to skip when I am in a rush. Not that I care to do without either when I am going to be in the public eye all day. Here are my tricks for avoiding that scenario: if I need to get out the door before putting on jewelry, I slip it on at a stoplight or in the parking lot at work; if I fly down the stairs with makeup bag in hand, I appropriate Photo Booth on my office computer to suit my needs. It works just fine as a mirror! Then, when the workday starts, I am in my seat looking pulled together and serene, even if getting there was anything but!

Do you have any "I better get out of this house right now, or I'm not gonna make it!" tips or tricks?

Hope you are all having a lovely work week,

Alison :)

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