Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Garden of Summer Delights

Poppies blooming in my mom's flower garden.

The petals resemble cupcake liners!!

Poppies bloom with the summer. They don’t last long, and neither does the season.

I always enjoy the simple pleasures summer has to offer - flagging down the ice cream man for banana bomb pops, lightning bugs lighting the night sky, balmy breezes tempering the humid air, seemingly endless days, evenings spent at The Platte County Fair (which always seems to fall on the hottest week of summer), practicing yoga in the sun, playing in the warm rain showers that arrive out of nowhere, the fresh tangy fragrance of freshly cut grass, wearing flip-flops or no shoes at all, reading in the grass, eating homemade ice cream, seashells, sandy beaches and swimming (although I do not consider wearing a swimsuit a pleasure), counting stars, the sound of children playing outside, Kansas City Royals baseball games, relishing ripe watermelon with juice dribbling down my chin and seeds piling at my feet, sweet tea, rock hopping at the creek, riding rides at Worlds of Fun, walking barefoot through warm grass washed in cool morning dew, climbing big ol’ maples, splashing through puddles, fireworks randomly discharging in the weeks preceding the 4th of July, catching a couple flicks at The Twin Drive-In, the cacophonous explosions emitted from insects inhabiting the trees, backyard barbecues, outdoor festivals, coconut-scented lotion, construction workers with no shirts and nice tans, the vroom of motorcycles, hotdogs with mustard and relish, building sand castles, meteor showers, roasting marshmallows, cool baths, ghost stories shared around a campfire, sheets drying on clotheslines, strawberry shortcake, bars with outdoor seating, absolutely freezing movie theaters, having root beer floats, going to the library wrapped in a big towel after swimming at the pool (brr, chilly!), and more, more, more!!!!!!!!!!

What are your summer musts and your favorite seasonal delights?



  1. Mine are mainly the same as yours, sis. Although I would add walking around the dollar store eating an orange sherbet push pop and the feeling that the day lasts forever and you can accomplish so much!

  2. After 7 seasons in the YB game, I find that summer means less responsibility and more me time.

  3. @Lucky KC - Oh, yeah... The Dollar Store. :) I like how as a kid I didn't have to accomplish anything but going to the pool every day and reading as much as possible during summer vacation. :)

    @A3 - Grownup summer. :)