Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jars of Glass

I am a magazine junkie. I am specifically addicted to magazines featuring lots of home decorating and organizational ideas. I can’t get enough of them, and I have a hard time getting rid of the magazines, too (organizational fail). I wonder at the amazing spaces, and wish I had thought of the great ideas. When I see something that really catches my attention, I try to figure out how I could reinterpret it to work in my life. I might be quietly flipping magazine pages, but my mind is anything but quiet.

The internet offers very quick access to imagery. Sometimes while I am on the computer, I type random terms into Etsy’s search engine just to see what exciting finds might pop up. And, no, I am not above admitting I have searched the terms “penis” and “vagina” on multiple occasions, in addition to ho hum terms such as “feather” and “pitcher.” It’s akin to looking up dirty words in the dictionary. You can’t help but giggle a bit when you do it. Okay, anyway... Usually, I look up images which could prove helpful to me and my creative process. I may wish to know if what I am making has been done before (and I always hope it hasn’t!), or I might just need a little visual inspiration. I always appreciate the cool handmade objects made by independent artists on Etsy and elsewhere on the Web. Yesterday, I mentioned I want to throw a special craft party for my girlfriends. I have been thinking about party favors for some time, and I have an idea involving glass jars. I know exactly what I am going to do with them, but, for now, it’s top secret! In the meantime, I thought it might be entertaining to take a look at how other people have revamped cast-off glass jars.
Jars as Lighting

Mason Jar Lights Chandelier - Fantastic! I love when glassware is recreated into unique lighting options. 

Handmade Solar Lights - I enjoy the rainbow striping employed here. These would be really fun at a party! Gluing tissue paper to found jars would be a fun afternoon craft activity for kids, too.

Tea Light Jars Candle Holders - I knew I shouldn’t have passed up that HUGE BAG of old baby food jars at the thrift store last year. I’ve been regretting my bad decision since then, and this brings it all back. Can you imagine pasting inspiring words from your favorite book on a jar? Or how about pictures from vintage illustrated books? Personally, I would like to use a bunch of wire-handled baby food jars with tea lights as outdoor lighting.

Customizable Jars

Chalkboard Front Glass Jars Centerpiece - So cute! I love that these jars do double duty as signage and water pitchers.

Chalkboard Glass Jars - This is such a great way to store foods bought in bulk. If you replaced the large jars with those tall skinny green olive jars, you would have a cool set of spice and herb jars! 

Etched Label Glass Catchall Jars - The “labels” are simple and lovely. I could see myself using these jars to store art supplies.

Filled Jars

Heart in a Jar Anatomical Curio Specimen Jar - Science and Fiber Art move me, so Fiber Art + Science = The best of both worlds! I am also attracted to the idea of carefully curating objects to “preserve” in glass jars.

First Snow - Terrarium in a jar. Terrariums appeal to me, whether the fillings are real or fake. Flipping the jar upside down makes me imagine totally new possibilities for the humble jar.

Decorated Jars

Colorful Party Favor Jars - I so love these! They are bright and colorful and just plain fun. The addition of buttons makes these jars feel really special. These are kind of like, but not at all the same as, the party favors I am going to make. Tee hee!

Lace Knit Glass Jar Wedding Centerpieces - Ooh, this makes me want to give crochet another chance! You can decorate ANYTHING with these stitches. I’ll bet this vase casts gorgeous shadows when used as a candle holder. 

Up-cycled Haberdashery Jars and Cups - Simply divine! This combines some of my favorite vintage materials. It reminds me of those country-style jars with pincushions, but it’s totally updated and definitely my style.

Flower Jars
Shabby Chic Wall Vases - I have had a thing for wall pockets of any variety ever since I worked at an antique store during high school. I know these are referred to as “shabby chic,” but the clamps make it look industrial fabulous.

Two Hanging Mason Jars With Flower Frog Lids - What I said about wall pockets? The same thing applies to flower frogs. I think they rock whether they are corralling flowers or being re-purposed. Here they look simple and chic.

The Notions Jars - It’s amazing to me how two items I associate with life on a farm can look so incredibly minimalistic and cool. Actually, when I think about it, a lot of things about country living strike me as incredibly minimalistic and cool - and industrial, too!

What objects and images put your brain in motion? What blogs or magazines do you go to for eye candy and advice? What projects have you seen and then customized to fit your lifestyle or just your style? Have you ever gotten yourself lost in Etsy? Do any of you have Pinterest or any other image-hoarding accounts?

Happy Saturday!

Alison :)

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