Friday, June 3, 2011

Incredibly Full

Filled with sunlight while sitting in the shade today.

Full as in fulfilled, and not from eating too much, I swear.

Have you ever had one of those days where the stars aligned and the meaning of life was completely and utterly known to you? Yeah, me neither. But today I did resolve a dilemma which has been plaguing me recently. Actually, I shouldn’t put it that way. It was more like understanding sprung out of my unconsciousness and whacked me over the head; that’s how clear the insight was. I felt like I had crawled out of my brain and into someone else’s, making a true connection. While I don’t really wish to get into details right now, I will say that today was an inspiring and life-affirming day. And, really, it was more about me changing my perspective than anything else.

In addition to that mood-lifting and attitude-shifting moment, I also spent the day brainstorming ideas for blog posts, art endeavors and home decor projects, making arrangements for an awesome field trip for my students, sitting in the shade, and watering and feeding my friend Erica’s flora and fauna while she was out of town. While I was at Erica’s, I couldn’t help but try out her weighted hula hoop (sorry, Erica!). I am going to have to invest in one. I think hula hooping might just be the most fun physical activity since rollerskating!

I am feeling alive and ready to take on me!

In what ways have changes in your perspective influenced your mood and the choices you made subsequently?

Alison :)

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