Monday, June 6, 2011

Group Project: 8 Weeks to a Better Me (Week 6: Home Sweet Home)

I have to admit it: I absolutely love my place! My nearly 100-year-old apartment has a balcony with white pillars, built-in bookshelves and drawers, hardwood floors, tons of natural light, and a clawfoot bathtub. Basically, it has great bones, which makes the job of decorating that much easier. I gravitate toward quirky, vintage decor and found objects, and I really enjoy my space as is. Luckily, though, Mandi from Here’s Looking at Me, Kid is the guest blogger for the 6th installment of 8 Weeks to a Better Me, the self-improvement project originated by Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet. Mandi reminds us that no matter how finished you think your place may be (and hers is gorgeous!), there is always room for a little home improvement.

I may or may not be moving this summer, so I am trying not to initiate any large-scale projects at this time. For now, I am also holding off on adding special belongings I recently inherited from my Grandma to the mix. However, I want to live as comfortably as possible until I know for sure what I will be doing. The main thing is for me to treat my apartment as if I still live there, and I must continue to put effort into keeping the messes at bay. 

1. Reduce the clutter. - Not only am I an artist and collector of old stuff, but I am also a hoarder (not too strong of a word, methinks) of ephemera. Some of it is acceptable and useful  inspiration, such as the ‘50s and ‘60s era Valentines I have found over the years. Other papers are unacceptable. I gotta make friends with the shredder and find a sleek way of organizing what I cannot bear to get rid of. And sleek does NOT mean loading papers of personal historical importance into cardboard boxes and shoving them under the bed or piling magazine articles in stacks on the floor.

2. Take care of unfinished business. - Remember the pile of junk I found the other day? I think those pieces will be really exciting when revamped, but, um, I need to actually work on those projects. I also began painting some shelves to hang above my computer desk about a year ago. They are still laying on my back porch, half finished. I
f I took the time to finish them, they would go from a pile of junk to essential organizational tools.

3. Curate. - I have a lot of stuff. I could start my own vintage boutique. No joke. I am in the habit of putting new finds out and then adding to to each layer as I find more great stuff. My place would look more vibrant if I rotated my accessories a little more intentionally.

Also, I really need to hang up my clothes. I have been using my bedroom floor as a closet. Annnnnnnnndddddddd, I have some plans for reorganizing my jewelry. I definitely think jewelry counts as home decor. Don't you? ;)

What are you doing to make your home special? Do you have any “spring” cleaning tips or home upgrade goals?


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