Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Netflix - Better than chocolate??

Two situations have arisen concurrently: 1) I have been searching for workouts that turn me on by serving a higher purpose than simply consisting of plain ol' exercises, and 2) I became addicted to Netflix the moment my sister hooked it up to my parents’ Wii (umm, hello, Veronica Mars). Who would have thought Netflix, which seems to promote an extensive amount of couch-sitting (and could quite possibly, just maybe, explain my lack of blog posts this week), would be the answer to my fitness goal prayers? Now, in addition to rollerskating, hula hooping (okay, okay, I’ve gotta BUY one of those before I can actually enjoy it regularly), taking walks, doing yoga, and avoiding the dreaded, but effective, P90X, it occurred to me that I can search for exercise videos, in addition to long-canceled sitcoms, on Netflix. This gives me the opportunity to sample new moves and hopefully find workouts that really appeal to me. When exercising entertains, rather than pains, I am much more likely to make the effort follow through.

Check out Massive Tassel, Kansas City's own fusion bellydance troupe. 
These former schoolmates of mine are seriously talented and majorly inspiring.

Yesterday, I found a bellydancing video on Netflix. I had never tried bellydancing before, but I will tell you what, 40 minutes of bellydancing gets the sweat glands to leaking, the heart a’thumpin’ and the libido to kicking. Afterward, I spent another 40 minutes calming down with a rather good yoga video also found on Netflix. Plus, ever since I learned the basics of bellydancing, I have been shimmying around the house instead of walking. That’s gotta do a body good, right!?

I guess my emerging exercise philosophy is “Have fun to lose a ton.” What’s yours? Oh, and what are you watching on Netflix? Any good recommendations? I promise to either make art or practice my body wave while watching!
Alison :)

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