Monday, February 6, 2012

Drawing Back My Bow...

... And letting my Valentines flow.

The perfect Valentines - corny and cute. Just like me!
Details of my favorites.
Signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered. These are envelopes I already had.

Let me tell you what happened to my Christmas cards. I always like to make Christmas cards for my friends and family. I figure I can't buy everyone a present, but I can put time and effort into cards for all my loved ones. Sometimes, though, I get a little overwhelmed, a little behind, or just plain disorganized. Despite my good intentions, the Christmas cards don't make it to the mailbox. In fact, they don't even make it out of my head. They never get made at all. That is precisely what happened this year. 

Luckily, I have Valentine's Day to redeem myself, and I don't mind sending out Valentine's Day cards one bit. Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday of mine, as it falls exactly one week after my Grandma's birthday (and my uncle, her son's - what a birthday present!) and exactly one week before my own. It gives me permission to party all month long. Plus, who can remain immune to the trappings of l-o-v-e? Not me. So, this year, it's Valentines from me. 

I could have made my own, but I found these amazing Joke Card Valentines from Peaceable Kingdom, making that idea null and void. I have never been fond of branded character cards featuring the likes of Barbie, Spongebob Squarepants, or whoever else is popular at any give time. I thought these were corny and cute enough to send out. I love the puns, the playful characters, the happy patterns and the bright colors. Let's just say, these cards speak me.

Are you giving out Valentines this year? Are you going to put me to shame by making your own? If so, please share a link! I would love to see what you're making.

Who has your heart? Mine is free right now, and I think I like it that way for the moment.


Alison :)

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  1. I love these cards, they're so cute and I agree...I hate the character cards. We don't have any Valentine's here, so my kiddos need to get started on making their v-day cards.