Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Find the tutorial on Zakka Life, Jessica Okui's lovely blog.

My sister's version. Super fun, right?

My own sister decided to outdo my happy store-bought Valentines by making her own! She is a teacher, and since her room is decorated with a superhero theme, she decided to make her students these  superhero-inspired Valentines found on Pinterest. They were originally posted on Zakka Life. Aren't they adorable!? I'll have to file away this idea for another year. They would also be a really sweet treat at a superhero-themed costume party! The wheels are turning...

Also, all my Valentines will be late. Not a surprise to the recipients, I am sure. I just couldn't stand the idea of driving to the post office through the wet, yucky, could possibly be slick streets after last night's snowfall.  Aw, but tomorrow is another day, and, remember, it's the thought that counts!

A soft seat before a fire plus a leisurely enjoyed article about Allan Wexler's work equals perfection.

Speaking of snow, the college where I work did not have a snow day, even though nearly all the elementary and high schools in the area were closed. Despite this, I did have a relaxing lunch break in front of a fire with a magazine in hand. Everyone deserves an hour of luxury in the middle of a cold gray day.

Hope you had a super day (and got to spend it in bed),

Alison :)

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