Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Susie Homemaker Party

A clever friend brought a tray of SPAM and Twinkie bites to share. The SPAM went home with her, unopened, but its presentation was fabulous! I can't get over how well the golden cakes match the lettering of the word SPAM.

I like to build up internal excitement as my birthday approaches. To do so, I always celebrate Valentine's Day, and I usually plan a party or a fun outing to get me in the birthday spirit. This year I had a girls' night the Friday before my birthday. The theme was "Susie Homemaker." I invited my gal pals to come over bearing retro goodies and wearing their best vintage aprons.

Protecting the innocent, unless they say otherwise. That's me in the mirror. I am definitely the guilty party-thrower.

We had such a deliciously fun night. We filled it with honest and intimate girl talk and tasty treats. Although not as many ladies were available as I had hoped, in retrospect, the right amount of people showed up. The group was large enough to be interesting, yet small enough to have one large group conversation. If there had been any more people, we probably would have broken into small groups. I am really happy with how the evening turned out. 

Hanging vintage aprons. The chick in the photos? That's me. The photos were made by the brilliant Josh Moutray, ca. 2002.

It was especially satisfying to bring together a group of smart, gorgeous and amazing women who all really hit it off with one another. 

My all-in-one office/library/dining room/art studio. Tonight it was all about the spread on my retro dining room table (given to me by a family friend who knows what makes my heart go pitter-patter). Vintage aprons from my collection hang about. Do you spy my weighted hula hoop inside my bedroom door? Best piece of exercise equipment ever!

Mmm, look at those vittles! Clockwise from left: Sweet & dill pickles & pickled okra (I have southern roots, all right?), Jello salad, icebox cake (an old and super secret family recipe), chips and salsa, more pickled foods - green & black olives & pickled baby corn, goat cheese and crusty toast, cheese & summer sausage, and sushi. And my owl centerpiece surrounded by it all. More came later, if you can believe it! You could hardly see the strawberries on the tablecloth I borrowed from my mom.

The dishes in the top left, top right and bottom left photos were thrifted. The dish at the lower right belonged to my grandma.

Have you ever thrown a theme party? Do you host regular girls' nights? Or guys? How do you throw a tip-top guys' night? I would love to hear details!

Hope your night is ending on a lovely note,

Alison :)


  1. OMG, so fun! I want to move to KC so I can come over!! Love the theme, love seeing your 'all in one' room. I totally get down with living that way!! Everything that I love in the center of my home, rather than shoved into a room somewhere else.

    The food made me giggle, really, brilliant work, lady!

    1. Thanks! You have an open invitation any time you make it out this way! This party was such a pleasure to put together. I love a little kitsch in my decor and at my parties! I don't mind having all my things in one space, but I long to have a studio where I could just leave all my projects out without them taking over and cluttering the rest of my space. And I am certain I could find something to fill all that extra space!

  2. Now you're just making me jealous over what I missed that night. I did enjoy the 18 hours of sleep though. Hope you had a great birthday!!!

    1. I missed having you there, but there's always next time! :)

  3. I love this idea! I came across this blog by searching "Happy Susie Homemaker" in Google images. I LOVE theme parties, and might have to try this one!

  4. Superb party!! I really loved it. The Susie looks so yummy. Few days ago went to my friend’s lunch party at LA venue. The chef there prepared the food that was simply delicious. It was served along with tasty wine. I just enjoyed the day a lot.