Saturday, February 4, 2012

Take a Look at Those Peepers

Check out those eyes! One of my students hammed it up with some giant googly eyes during a class at A.C.E.D. today. The photo was so funny, I just had to share! During this session I am teaching two classes and helping out with a third:

1) Baskets, Bags & Duct Tape - It's a class in which we are collecting canned goods to donate to the needy. The twist is that we are giving our donations a makeover. We are donating our canned goods in decorated boxes and bags. We are even going to decorate the cans!

2) Art From the Heart - I am assisting with this class during the first session, but I will be teaching it during our second session. It takes its subject from the vision of Joyce Hallmark, founder of Hallmark Cards. The students enjoy making cards for those they love, and it's an especially appropriate theme, since we are located in the Kansas City area.

3) On the Air - This one is out of my comfort zone. We are learning about the radio - the different positions at a radio station, call letters, dj names and voices, different formats, commercials, etc. It's been really fun so far. It's been a definite learning experience for me, too!

During the next session I will be teaching Art From the Heart, as I mentioned, as well as Hattitude Attitude, a class that's all about hats. I am having such a wonderful time! I really LOVE my students! They are amazing and always a thrill to work with!

I was supposed to go to a dinner party this evening, but after checking out the openings last night, getting up early for A.C.E.D. today, and and then following up class with a few errands, I am beat. I am spending the night in a state of uber-relaxation. How about you? How's your Saturday night shaping up?

Alison :)

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