Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Love Trash

Finds of the day: a metal box fan, a vintage camp oven, a folding ironing board and stove burners!

Just call me Oscar the Grouch. I found the objects pictured above in my landlord’s trash pile as I returned from a long walk, thus adding another 45 minutes to my workout. And, yes, digging through  trash IS a workout! I was in heaven when I saw it all! I walked away with a metal box fan (with metal blades!), four stove burners, an abused ironing board, and a vintage camp oven.

You see, I have (fortunately? unfortunately?) inherited the family disease; like my grandma and my mom, I am a junk revivalist. I cannot walk away from a good pile of junk without seeing if there’s anything worth keeping, using or recreating. I gotta squeeze every last bit of life out of things, or at least let them pile up around me (did I just admit to being a hoarder?). I have some ideas for all of the items I found, but the plan for the ironing board is the only one firmed up so far. And I think it’s a really fun one! The next time you see these objects, they will be settling into their new and improved lives with me.

What kind of junk turns you on? How do you incorporate it into your life? 

Alison :)


  1. Not to mention carrying all that stuff to the third floor! My muscles felt like they had done a good job afterward!!

  2. This is the true definition of a Junkie :)