Sunday, May 8, 2011

Green Moth on a Lantern

I am hard at work on a handmade Mother’s Day gift, but I thought I would take a short break to share with you some photographs of the Luna Moth I saw tonight! The pictures aren’t great, as they were taken with my cell phone. In fact, I hung up on my boyfriend to take these photographs. Don’t worry about him, though. He had just fallen asleep on me, and I was going to hang up in a minute or two, anyway, if yelling, “Hello! Are you there!? Are you asleep!? Wake up!” didn’t do the trick. I am staying with my parents tonight, and I had been sitting on the bench on their front porch, hoping June Bugs wouldn’t harass me as I chatted on the phone. I spotted this beauty on the lantern beside the front door just seconds before going indoors. Lucky me to net such a perfect little moment for my collection.

I love these visual haikus. What little moments of inspiration have you tucked away?


  1. I *love* Luna Moths! So gorgeous.

  2. I know! It's so unexpected to see such a pretty insect, especially at night, when grayish-brown moths and June Bugs have center stage. I read that Luna Moths are really sensitive to environmental pollutants. That makes me really sad, cuz I am certain all the neighborhoods around my parents' house use fertilizers and weed killers. Yuck.