Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kashi Goodness & TerraCycle, Too

 Learn more about Kashi's food packaging reduction here.
 Maybe I am out of the loop, but I just noticed the lack of packaging on the Kashi granola bars at the right for the first time last night. Its printed sticker binds the granola bars together and takes the packaging to nearly nil. It freaks me out when companies introduce “green” products that have tons of packaging to advertise them as such. I have to give a huge “THANK YOU” to companies for making an effort to walk the talk. Also, it makes it really easy for consumers to be eco-conscious.

Kashi is a well-known and widely available brand committed to making earth-conscious business choices. Being big can lead to decisions and issues a smaller company may not have to face, but, by doing something as simple(?) as reducing packaging, Kashi can raise awareness in consumers and hopefully influence other companies to reduce their packaging, too.

I am a big fan of Kashi, especially GoLean Crunch and their newish line of frozen entrees (I LOVE the Mayan Harvest Bake.). I have not tried their frozen pizzas yet, but they sure look good! Their meals are perfect for when you need something quick and wholesome. I checked out their website tonight, and it includes delicious sounding recipes (and they don’t necessarily call for the use of Kashi products), ideas for natural living, and encouragement to live better. You can even sign up for their newsletter to get healthy living tips, recipes and coupons delivered directly to your inbox.

Easy as can be!!
Kashi + TerraCycle = a good combination
Oh, and here’s another cool thing Kashi is doing: Kashi has teamed up with TerraCycle to form the Kashi Package Brigade. Kashi fans in any city can form a Brigade and send Kashi packaging in to TerraCycle, where it will be made into accessories. For each package sent in, TerraCycle will donate 2 cents to the Brigade’s chosen charity. TerraCycle is an innovative business that manufactures new products from post-consumer materials. You may have seen upcycled products made from materials such as CapriSun pouches or M&M bags. I own a little pouch made from Koolaid packaging. I think I found it at Walgreen's, of all places! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TerraCycle's mission and business model!

What eco-conscious companies and products do you love?


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