Monday, May 30, 2011

Group Project: 8 Weeks to a Better Me (Week 5: Loving Life & Having Fun)

 I’m actually on time this week. WOW!!

We have now entered the second half of the group project 8 Weeks to a Better Me, where we make and meet small goals which will lead to big-time improvements in how we go about our lives. Creator of the project, Danielle of Sometimes Sweet, has chosen the perfect topics to focus on, so far. I have already experienced a change in how I move through life. You know how you pay attention to how much food you eat when you keep a food diary? The same thing is going on here; I am taking stock of my personal habits and improving where I can.

Week 5’s topic is Loving Life & Having Fun. Lauren of Busy Bee Lauren is this week’s guest blogger. I really appreciate what she has to say about how noticing the little moments of beauty in her life makes her feel blessed. She takes noticing a step further by documenting those moments through photographs she can reflect upon later.


1. Be a Big Kid. - Playing makes life fun! I fully intend to laugh heartily, hang out at a playground (I’ve been dying to swing on a huge A-frame swingset!), go rollerskating, watch cartoons, and cook up some fun activities with friends, such as a craft night, a game night,  or a swimming session.

2. Celebrate the Littlest Things. - I will reward myself on the small victories and delight in the little pops of beauty that brighten my day. In my world, making my boyfriend a yummy dinner from little more than a can of beans, a bag of shredded cheese and two tortillas is a major accomplishment! Unexpectedly coming upon a Luna Moth is to find hidden treasure!

3. Make New Memories. - While I recall dramatic episodes having taken place in high school, the details have slid away over time. What I really remember is how much fun I had with my friends! My goal is to get together with my pals, from high school and beyond, and continue building meaningful memories together with laughter as our soundtrack.

More than what you have or what happens to you, happiness is a state of mind! A tool I use to keep myself aware of the gifts I receive, the talents I possess, and the good people I have in my life is a gratitude journal. I highly recommend finding a beautiful little journal or notebook and listing what you are grateful for each day. While it feels good to rant, it feels even better to keep what makes life great at the forefront of your thoughts. I promise it will lift your mood and help you move beyond your trials and tribulations.

What do you do when you’re in the mood to play? What little accomplishments do you celebrate? What are you favorite memories with friends?

What makes you happy?

Have a fun-loving week,
Alison :)

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