Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Group Project: 8 Weeks to a Better Me (Week 1/Blogging)

Check out Sometimes Sweet for all the details.

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet doesn’t know it (yet), but anyone who knows me, knows her blog is my absolute favorite. I am talking major blogger crush. That is why I am so stoked to participate in her open to anyone group project, 8 Weeks to a Better Me. Over the course of eight weeks, Danielle will introduce one category per week where we could all use a little improvement. As added encouragement, she has asked guest bloggers to share their inspiration and what motivates them to attain goals related to the selected topic. This week’s featured bloggers are  Rachel (Local Honey) and Don (Adeline’s Daddy), a thoughtful couple, and the topic is blogging.

I started blogging to express myself verbally and visually, to make meaningful connections with people, to log experiences, and to inspire and be inspired. I find blog-worthy inspiration in my love of writing and storytelling, my experiences and the experiences of others, in beautiful objects, and in pop culture/the human condition (Is it wrong to lump those two things together?? Ah, I’ll leave it be.).

1. Post something each day this week (Each week technically starts on Sunday, so you’ll have to forgive me for the late start.).

2. Share something I have made.

3. Post at least one photograph where I am actually DOING SOMETHING with someone else.

Now, maybe you can see the elephant on the blog. My background and header are a little blah! I want to personalize my little spot in cyberspace, but I need to learn how to do it. That is why prettying up my blog will remain an unofficial fourth goal. I think it will take me more than a week to figure out what I want to do, and I don’t want to rush into any major changes (If you’ve read earlier entries, you know this suits my personality to a T).

Thanks so much to Danielle for cooking up such a great blog series. I would love to hear your blogging goals. Also, be sure to visit the blogs noted above.

Three cheers for being goal-oriented!!!

Alison :)

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  1. I seriously looked for the elephant! HA!

    Setting mini-goals and getting them accomplished feels GOOD!

    I felt a SERIOUS weight for not having blogged for a week and a felt weird, but that's sort of how it panned out. It's nice to be back. (And nice to catch up on your blog, as well!)