Monday, May 23, 2011

Such a Fun Weekend!

At Riverstock 2011, in front of a VW bus I liked a lot.

What's in there!? Checking out the interior of a Beetle.

Let me be a little redundant here. I had such a fun weekend! I kicked it off by heading over to my boyfriend’s house on Friday afternoon. He had the day off and was working on one of his three classic Volkswagen Beetles. He’s a fan, what can I say!? While he puttered in the garage, I dirtied the kitchen making what I like to call “Banana Yum Pops,” a sweet little treat from (neverhome)maker, except this time around I used regular chocolate chips and Peter Pan Crunchy Peanut Butter. I also left out the coconut because my boyfriend is not into it. It tasted delish, anyway! I’ve made three batches this week! The batch for my boyfriend, a batch for my friend Kate, and another for myself. I still have some hanging out in my freezer. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, so it’s great to be able to sneak a couple a day for a small treat. They are chocolatey AND healthy! Score! Plus, it’s such a kitschy throwback of a dessert. I’ll definitely serve these at the tiki party I MUST have one of these days.

We woke  up extra early on Saturday, so we could attend the 2011 Bug Blitz Bus Blast - Riverstock, which was held in Riverside, Missouri. I told you, the bf is a Volkswagen fanatic. We saw a good variety of cars. Of course, I was far more excited by the aesthetics of the vehicles than by the engines. I saw a canary yellow Karmann Ghia that I just adored. I was also rather fond of a bus painted in white and deep orange.

A sampling of the VW buses on display.

Wouldn't I love to drive around in that gorgeous canary yellow Karmann Ghia!?

I never paid all that much attention to cars before I met my boyfriend. I always liked Beetles, though. They’re iconic and make me nostalgic for something I never had, much like Woodstock. However, it’s really cool to learn about cars, especially as an artist. What I find so interesting about classic car ownership is how much variety there is. Purists exist, but there are also a lot of people who enjoy customizing their rides (Don’t get me started on rat rods; I’ll save that for another post.). My favorite detail of the day was the steering wheel emblem used on a dove blue Beetle. It was shaped like the bust of a goddess. I later learned the image actually depicted St. Catherine. It was a beautiful piece, and it was not a Volkswagen part. However, it worked well with the feel of the car. That’s just one example of a styling detail that can add personality and individuality to a car.

Anyway, lots of fun and sun. I have the burns to prove it!

Today, I went to my friend Greta’s baby shower. She and my grade school pal Derek are expecting their first son about a month from now. Greta looked so healthy and lovely in all her pregnant glory, and I got to meet a cool group of ladies. We ate so much delicious food made by the hostess of the party. She created a wonderful Thai style pizza that I am going to have to try to replicate! Instead of tomato sauce, the pizza was made with homemade peanut sauce. She also made perfectly seasoned sliders and spinach-artichoke dip. YUM.  

The lovely Greta at her baby shower.

Greta modeling the little house I made for her, Derek and their little one, who will arrive shortly.

A closeup of the little house I made using elements from Greta's baby shower invitation.

The little houses I've made so far.

After we ate, Greta opened her gifts. I gave her and Derek a gift card to Target (that way they can get what they most need), and I made them a little house, similar to the one I made for my mom for Mother’s Day. I had a great time making this little piece, and I hope Greta and Derek enjoy it and remember this special time in their lives when they look at it. I incorporated elements from Greta’s baby shower invitation into the design. I have found that it is gratifying for me to recreate invitations into sentimental gifts for people celebrating milestones in their lives. This project was particularly fun to make, because I love Derek and Greta so much!

Once all the gifts were opened, we headed out to the garage to tie dye onesies for Greta. It was such a great idea! I can’t wait to see the results! I am sure having a summer baby is going to make onesies Greta’s go-to clothing choice for her little one, so the more the merrier, I'm sure.

What did you do over the weekend? Anything coming up next weekend I should know about?

Hope you're all having springtimey fun!


  1. Glad you liked the show. Thanks for the treatsin the freezer.

  2. :) Glad you checked out my post. You are most welcome.

  3. The weather looks like it was beautiful and VW vans look pretty cool. I like the orange one too.

    The little house you made for your friend's baby shower is very thoughtful and also adorable.

  4. Thanks, Jules! I appreciate that! I love making stuff, and I love giving gifts. When I can combine the two activities, all the better.

    The day of the VW show was gorgeous, so gorgeous I didn't even think about sunscreen. OOPS! BIG MISTAKE!

  5. The aesthetics and the quality of those automobiles are admirable. Anyway, antique cars have their own distinct styles and designs. It's quite cool to take a look at some of them in car shows. It's a lot of fun!

    Tyra Shortino

  6. I totally agree, Tyra! I really love old cars that have WOODEN components. So gorgeous, even if I don't know the make or model!

    Alison :)