Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Group Project: 8 Weeks to a Better Me (Week 2: Fitness / Working Out)

 Apparently, I just run a couple days late when it comes to responding to the 8 Weeks to a Better Me feature being sponsored by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet. At this point, my “week” is going from Tuesday to Tuesday. This week the topic is fitness/working out. This is an ideal subject for me to focus on, because I am all of a sudden in the right mental state to make myself stronger, fitter, healthier and hotter. Maybe it’s because I was looking at photographs from not all that long ago where I look great! I want to get back to that, and it’s not such an absurd change that I feel it’s unattainable. I know I feel better about myself when my body and mind are healthy and active. Unfortunately, I am really susceptible to life changes, and I love sedentary activities, such as reading and blogging. Life changes can really throw my schedule and blow my motivation. I need to learn how to work through the ups and downs, because life doesn’t stand still. Neither should I (ha ha, couldn't resist). I won’t give up my hobbies, but I am definitely working on making physical activity and healthier eating habits a part of my daily routine. Maybe I can work out while listening to a book on tape!?

Amber from I Love You to the Moon is the featured blogger this week. Her thoughts on exercise are much appreciated. I especially find her encouragement to keep going and pushing your body to do what it is capable of (and what it’s capable of is usually more than you think) so inspiring. I really took that idea to heart when I did DeStorm’s The Best Home Workout today. I was sweaty and shaky afterward, but I sure felt good about myself.

1. Keep a food and fitness diary, as it’s really easy to fudge on your diet and your exercise routine when you don’t have to be accountable. - I started my diary today, and some of the healthy words in it include “workout video,” “yogurt,” “oatmeal,” and “apple.”  I won’t list the bad things. ;)

2. Again dealing with accountability, I want to work out more with friends. - I am highly competitive when I am exercising or playing sports/games with other people. It’s way easier to do less when you are alone.

3. Walk every day, even if I skip every other type of workout. - It’s invigorating to get sun and fresh air. I also sleep better when I have a regular walking routine. In addition to that, it is entirely possible to lose weight on a walking routine, as long as you spend enough time walking and watch your diet, as well.

A longer term goal of mine is to lose 30 pounds. That’s quite a bit of weight, so I want to make sure I celebrate every small success. I don’t want to lose sight of my goal when I have bad days (And, oh, who am I kidding? There will be some.). Wish me luck!

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